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Specs2 Maven Plug-in

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This plug-in executes specs2 specifications that have been previously compiled to the test classes directory. It assumes that all specification classes have names ending with specified suffix (Spec by default) and that all classes with such name are specifications.

NOTE: the plugin only supports specs2 2.x. It does not work with specs2 3.x.


Add this to the build/plugins section of your pom:


now the verify phase of your maven build will execute all specifications in your project and will generate HTML reports (in target/specs2-reports) and JUnit XML reports (in target/test-reports).


When run-specs goal is executed, the plug-in:

  1. finds all classes whose name ends with specified suffix in the test classes directory (typically target/test-classes) and attempts to execute each, generating a JUnit XML and HTML reports;
  2. finds a class called index in the test classes directory and attempts to generate a HTML report from it.


At the moment each version of the plug-in works with a specific version of Scala only:

scala versionrecommended plugin version
2.9.1 0.3.0
2.10 0.4.2
2.11 0.4.4


The plug-in is maintained by Maciek Makowski with contributions from: