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wrong parse result #3

mrbrdo opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I get the wrong result with the following string

str = "[1] pry(main)> (p = \u001B[1;34m\u001B[4mPost\u001B[0m.find(\u001B[32m\u001B[1;32m\"\u001B[0m\u001B[32mlala\u001B[1;32m\"\u001B[0m\u001B[32m\u001B[0m))&&\u001B[1;36mnil\u001B[0m\n"

The text is:

pry(main)> (p = Post.find("lala"))&&nil

As you can see before "))&&" there is [0m, so these 4 characters should be without any style. However the parser returns:

foreground: "green"
text: "))&&"

Thanks for your work btw, useful script :)

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