An IRC library which *I* like.
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Name courtesy of @isaacs.

An IRC library which I like.


Creating a client

var tls = require('tls');
var ircb = require('ircb');

var irc = ircb({
  username: 'ircbexample',
  realName: 'ircbexample',
  nick: 'ircbexample',
  channels: ['#nodebombrange']
}, function () {
  irc.on('names', function (channel, names) {
    console.log(channel + ': ' + names.join(', '));

  irc.on('message', function (from, to, msg) {
    console.log(from, '->', to + ': ' + msg)

  host: '',
  port: 6697

Joining a channel


Saying stuff

To a channel

irc.say('#node.js', 'hello world');

To a person

irc.say('mmalecki', 'hello world');

Getting list of people from a channel

irc.names('#node.js', function (err, names) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log('There are ' + names.length + ' people in #node.js channel');


ircb(options, callback)

  • options (Object)
    • options.nick (string, required) - IRC nick
    • options.password (string) - IRC password
    • options.username (string) - IRC username
    • options.realName (string) - IRC real name
    • options.channels (array of string, default: []) - channels to join. If specified, calls callback after joining all the channels.
  • callback (function) - called after identifying and joining all the channels specified

Returns a Duplex stream, which should be used like that:



ircb returns an event emitter which emits the following events:

  • register - emitted when instance is connected, identified and joined all the specified channels
  • message(from, to, message) - emitted when a message is received
  • names(channel, names) - emitted when a list of names for channel is received
  • join(prefix, channel) - emitted when someone joins a channel. prefix is of the format <nick>!<id>@<host>
  • part(prefix, channel, message) - emitted when someone leaves a channel
  • kick(prefix, channel, user, reason) - emitted when someone is kicked from a channel. prefix (see above) kicked user for a reason (defaults to user if no reason was given)
  • motd(text) - emitted when the message of the day is received