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#node.js channel, 19.08.2011
(01:40:59) DrMcKay: btw, some RESTful-like protocol for e-mails
(01:41:16) Nuck: Would be GLORIOUS
(01:41:16) DrMcKay: that would robe awesome
(01:41:19) Nuck: Make it happen.
(01:41:25) DrMcKay: s/robe/be/
(01:41:37) DrMcKay: you mean, like: now?
(01:42:05) Nuck: DrMcKay: DOIT
(01:42:10) DrMcKay: OK
(01:42:17) Nuck: Make a mail server with a newfangled REST protocol in Node :D
(01:42:31) ***CoverSlide snaps his finger
(01:42:42) DrMcKay: OK :D
(01:42:51) ***CoverSlide cracks the whip
(01:50:00) DrMcKay: is RMTP a good name for this thing?
(01:50:10) jTNT: sort the flocks; warn the sheep
(01:50:13) Nuck: sechrist: THEY'RE STEALING MY WHOPPER?
(01:50:17) CoverSlide: hah totally true
(01:50:26) sechrist: Nuck: I'd piss on a sparkplug if I thought it'd do any good.
(01:50:28) tjholowaychuk: DrMcKay ?
(01:50:32) Nuck: DrMcKay: Totally read that as RAMPED
(01:50:42) DrMcKay: :D
(01:50:50) Nuck: REMP
(01:50:53) sechrist: Nuck: war games quotes :P
(01:50:56) random123: Why does Cluster seem to start Twice in a row?
(01:51:05) tjholowaychuk: random123 two workers?
(01:51:17) DrMcKay: REMP? some acronym?
(01:51:17) tjholowaychuk: maybe?
(01:51:29) Nuck: REMP EMAIL PROTOCOL
(01:51:35) random123: tjholowaychuk: I set it to 1 worker though
(01:51:42) Nuck: Yay recursive acronyms!
(01:51:46) ***DrMcKay tries not to think about PHP
(01:54:34) DrMcKay: no, seriously, is REMP a good name?
(01:54:37) CoverSlide: so the handshake response doesn't return to the same server
(01:54:37) random123: ;p
(01:54:58) sechrist: I was reverse engineering a game once and saw they called the asset manager AssMan
(01:55:00) Nuck: DrMcKay: I wouldn't care if you called it PNIS protocol, as long as it was awesome.
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