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import unittest
import simplexml
class TestSimpleXML(unittest.TestCase):
def assertXMLHasProperties(self, xml, properties):
for propname, value in properties.iteritems():
if isinstance(value, tuple):
value, attrs = value
value, attrs = value, {}
actual = getattr(xml, propname)
if isinstance(actual, simplexml.XMLTree):
self.assertTrue(isinstance(value, dict), 'Expected dictionary, got %s (value: %s)' % (type(actual), actual))
self.assertXMLHasProperties(actual, value)
elif isinstance(actual, list):
for idx, item in enumerate(actual):
self.assertEquals(value[idx], str(item), 'Expected node value "%s", got "%s"' % (value[idx], item))
self.assertEquals(value, str(actual), 'Expected node value "%s", got "%s"' % (value, actual))
for attrname, attrvalue in attrs.iteritems():
actualattr = getattr(xml, propname)[attrname]
self.assertEquals(attrvalue, actualattr, 'Expected attribute value "%s", got "%s"' % (attrvalue, actualattr))
def test_simplexml(self):
for name, vals in self.get_tests().iteritems():
self.assertXMLHasProperties(simplexml.parsestring(vals[1]), vals[0])
def get_tests(self):
# Dictionary of tests, keyed by test name.
# Values: (<expected_value>, <xml>)
# <expected_value>: dict(<node>=<value>) or dict(<node>=(<value>,<attrs>)).
return {
'basic': ({'name': 'Joe Stump', 'hair': ('Brown', {'style': 'buzzed'}), 'like': ['Beer', 'Bikes', 'Computers']}, '<?xml version="1.0"?><test><name>Joe Stump</name><hair style="buzzed">Brown</hair><like>Beer</like><like>Bikes</like><like>Computers</like></test>'),
'subitem_name_conflict': ({'type': 'Foo', 'properties': {'type': 'properties', 'foo': 'bar'}}, '<?xml version="1.0"?><item><type>Foo</type><properties><type>properties</type><foo>bar</foo></properties></item>')
if __name__ == '__main__':