Port of a small portion of Mozilla's source-map module to .NET intended for reading a source map
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#What is SourceMapDotNet?

This is a very limited port of a very limited portion of Mozilla's source-map module that:

  • Parses version 3 source map files
  • Lets you ask the question 'what line numbers in the original source does line X in the generated source map to?'
  • Er...
  • That's it

I needed a way of parsing source map files for the above very limited situation for another project, and figured I'd publish what I had. I've no intention of expanding it to match the API of Mozilla's excellent JavaScript library, nor support generation of source maps.


Build a SourceMapConsumer by either supplying the JSON contents of a source map file:

var consumer = new SourceMapDotNet.SourceMapConsumer("{ source: 'map', goes: 'here' }")

Or build directly from a SourceMapFile instance, built using your JSON decoder of choice:

var file = JsonConvert.Deserialize<SourceMapDotNet.Model.SourceMapFile>("{ source: 'map', goes: 'here' }");
var consumer = new SourceMapDotNet.SourceMapConsumer(file);

Then find out which original source lines map to a given generated source line number (line numbers are 1-based):

// Get the original source lines that map to line 12 of the generated source
var matches = consumer.OriginalPositionsFor(12);

foreach (var match in matches)
    var line = match.LineNumber;
    var filename = match.File;
    // Do useful things...

An empty array is returned if there are no matching original source lines for the specified generated source line.


The following dependencies are pulled via NuGet:

  • Moq
  • NUnit

##Licence Licensed under MIT, just go nuts.