Transforming Output

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The results of a test run can be transformed for use by other programs, either by specifying command-line parameters or using the chutzpah.json settings file.

On the command line, the name of the transformer to run is a command-line switch. For example, to run the JUnit transformer:

chutzpah.console.exe ... /junit output.xml

In the settings file, the transformers to run are configured via the Transforms setting.

Supported transformers

Name Output
junit Outputs results to a JUnit-style XML file
jacoco Outputs results to a Jacoco-style XML file
emm Outputs results to a Emma-style XML file
lcov Outputs results as LCOV data for further processing
trx Output results to a Visual Studio Trx file
nunit2 Output results to NUnit-style XML file
coveragehtml Outputs the default Chutzpah coverage HTML
coveragejson Outputs the default Chutzpah coverage JSON