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acts_as_solr comes with a quick and fast unit test suite, and with a longer-running
functional test suite, the latter testing the actual integration with Solr.
The unit test suite is written using Shoulda, so make sure you have a recent version
Running `rake test` or just `rake` will run both test suites. Use `rake test:unit` to
just run the unit test suite.
== How to run functional tests for this plugin:
To run the acts_as_solr's plugin tests run the following steps:
- create a MySQL database called "actsassolr_test" (if you want to use MySQL)
- create a new Rails project, if needed (the plugin can only be tested from within a Rails project); move/checkout acts_as_solr into its vendor/plugins/, as usual
- copy vendor/plugins/acts_as_solr/config/solr.yml to config/ (the Rails config folder)
- rake solr:start RAILS_ENV=test
- rake test:functional (Accepts the following arguments: DB=sqlite|mysql and MYSQL_USER=user)
== Troubleshooting:
If for some reason the tests don't run and you get MySQL errors, make sure you edit the MYSQL_USER entry under
config/environment.rb. It's recommended to create or use a MySQL user with no password.