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* removed optional api key as parameter: RPXNow.user_data(token, api_key, options) --> RPXNow.user_data(token, options), you may use :apiKey=>... instead
* Switched from Get to Post requests
* ApiError is raised when API KEY was invalid (before did only return nil)
* ServerError is now seperated into ApiError and ServiceUnavailableError
* default IDs are strings, not integers, since RPX supports both
* Added username field to standart parameters
* The RPXNow.api_version= can be set globally
* Most methods now support :api_version=>'123', so you can specify the api_version on each call
* Added support for unobtrusive code generation. This will make the gem play nicely with developers creating unobtrusive pages with frameworks such as jQuery;
* The RPXNOW JSON responses are now parsed by Florian Frank JSON gem (;
* Removed the dependency of ActiveSupport. However, if present, ActiveSupport will be used due to its convenience methods Array#to_query and Hash#to_query.
* Added support for multiple versions of the widget. By default, everything will point to version 2;
* The specs have been updated.
* RPXNow::ServerError will be thrown when something is invalid/goes wrong, so watch out (not for invalid tokens in user_data)...