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README for Ruby-ShapeLiB
This is a wrapper module of Shapefile C Library for Ruby.
How to install
* You must have ShapeLib and ruby.
* It is expected to run on all ruby-running environments. But it is tested
only on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and Vine Linux 3.0.
Quick directions
$ tar xvfz ruby-shapelib.tar.gz (you did it if you see this file)
$ cd ruby-shapelib
$ ruby ./extconf.rb
$ make
# make install
* I have ruby but can't run extconf.rb
Some Linux distributions divide Ruby into several packages such as
"ruby" and "ruby-devel". You may have to install additional packages.
* I have shapelib installed but extconf.rb fails
Try --with-shapelib-include= and --with-shapelib-lib= options of extconf.rb.
If above advice doesn't help, please visit and post a message.
How to use
Please see Interface.html.
License issues
Ruby-ShapeLib is provided under LGPL or ShapeLib's MIT-style default license.