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package qor
import (
// CurrentUser is an interface, which is used for qor admin to get current logged user
type CurrentUser interface {
DisplayName() string
// Context qor context, which is used for many qor components, used to share information between them
type Context struct {
Request *http.Request
Writer http.ResponseWriter
ResourceID string
Config *Config
Roles []string
DB *gorm.DB
CurrentUser CurrentUser
// Clone clone current context
func (context *Context) Clone() *Context {
var clone = *context
return &clone
// GetDB get db from current context
func (context *Context) GetDB() *gorm.DB {
if context.DB != nil {
return context.DB
return context.Config.DB
// SetDB set db into current context
func (context *Context) SetDB(db *gorm.DB) {
context.DB = db
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