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In the miniHERE folder you can find a very simple example of a jQuery plugin developed with Test Driven Development (TDD).

miniHERE is a smaller version of jHERE: it is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add maps to websites and programmatically change the zoom level of the map. It has a zoom bar and supports drag and mouse wheel for pan and zoom.

The folder contains sort of an interactive tutorial, driven by a Makefile:

  • Step 0: miniHERE skeleton + failing unit test
  • Step 1: miniHERE initial implementation + passing unit test
  • Step 2: miniHERE skeleton + failing unit test for zoom method
  • Step 3: miniHERE zoom method + passing unit test
  • Step 4: 3rd party dependency loader for miniHERE
  • Step 5: $.miniHERE.extend + passing unit test
  • Step 6: Generate documentation with Docco

How to

First of all install all the dependencies (this project requires Node.js):

npm install

To get started run the following command from a terminal window:

make step to=0

This will copy the files in the right location.

make test

Runs the unit tests for the current step. Note that for some of the steps (1, 3) tests fail, in the spirit of TDD.

Note: if Phantom.JS is not installed in the system, make test will return an error:

PhantomJS not installed.  Run the tests from the browser

In this case just open miniHERE/test/SpecRunner.html with your favourite browser: the tests will be run in the browser and you will be able to see the test report (see screenshot below).

Test Results in Webkit Browser

Step 6: Generate documentation with Docco

Steps 6 shows how easy it is to create documentation - or potentially even a complete website for your jQuery plugin with a very minimal effort.

Explore the content of the step-6 folder to see what it is required to obtain the final documentation website:

  • a CSS file
  • a JST template file
  • some minimal comments inline with the code

Then try running

make doc

and open docs/minihere.html with a browser.