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-# Find your Tile
-**Find your Tile** shows how the cool features offered by HTML5 and related standard can be leveraged to develop simple gaming experiences for the users.
-## The game
-In **Find your Tile** 3 map tiles (satellite view) are shown to the user. One of them is centered on the user's current location. The others are randomly generated from a list of more than 600 cities in the world.
-The player has to pick the tile she thinks corresponds to her location. If the answer is wrong then the game provides a link to the Wikipedia page corresponding to the city that was mistakenly selected.
-## Geeky info
-The little game uses the location API (which is **not part of the HTML5 standard**) to determine the user's geolocation.
-When the location has been determined a map tile is retrieved and inserted as image into the DOM by using the [RESTful Maps API]( provided by [Nokia Maps]( The other 2 tiles are generated by picking 2 cities from a static list in JSON format.
-The tiles are animated using only CSS3, and no jQuery has been used for this demo.
+# Neighborhood Hangout
+Find out where your neighbors hang out.
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