Shinier version of Vocal Search. Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you could talk to a web page instead of having to type stuff into forms?
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Vocal Search 2

Vocal Search 2 is a simple experiment with the Web Speech API.

You will need Chrome >= 25 to try this application, as no other browsers support it.

By clicking on the microphone icon or pressing S the browser will ask for permission to use the computer's microphone and then it will start listening for vocal commands.

Commands are expressed in natural language, for example:

  • Find me a restaurant
  • Search for an Italian restaurant
  • Find a cafe around here
  • I feel like having a beer, can you look for a pub?

The application will respond by searching for the correct venue (restaurant, italian restaurant, cafe, pub) in the HERE Place database and showing the 3 most relevant results with their address on the map and in a list.

Some implementation details can be found in my blog, or by looking at the source code.


Sometime there seems to be an issue the first time listening is activated. Capturing times out before any voice can be recorded. I suspect it's a bug in Chrome's implementation. Simply try again.