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Mailplane Clean CSS

mailplane_clean.css is a custom CSS style sheet for the Mailplane gmail client for Mac.

It was originally developed by Jim Mitchell

If the gmail interface is too busy for you, give this custom stylesheet a try. It reduces the gmail experience in your Mailplane window to the necessary minimum increasing overview and usability.


Just download the file mailplane_clean.css and enable it in the Mailplane Settings.

Change Log History (by original author Jim Mitchell)

03/30/10 (1.1.0) - initial public release.

04/02/10 (1.1.1) - change font-size of ".nH + .nH .yV" from 70% to 75%.

04/02/10 (1.1.2) - add ".nH .iE" to hide bottom row in message view.

08/19/10 (1.1.3) - add "hide mail, contact & task links" for new and old gmail UI.

09/05/10 (1.1.4) - hide the header links [Start Page, Mail, Calendar...]

09/17/10 (1.1.5) - add messasge row hover and select color options.

09/20/10 (1.1.6) - hide the "search the web" button, "show search options" & "create a filter" links.

09/30/10 (1.1.7) - increase width and height of "reply to" field in message view.

09/30/10 (1.1.8) - fix search field alignment in Google Apps version of layout.

10/01/10 (1.1.9) - update message row color highlighting.

10/11/10 (1.2.0) - increased the height of the .nH.qp class by 6px to 12px.

11/01/10 (1.2.1) - remove unnecessary search field alignment styles in GA version due to Google change.

11/05/10 (1.2.2) - fix up some straggling style differences between google apps & gmail formatting.

01/13/11 (1.2.3) - add new class definition to hide bottom row of buttons again due to Google change.

01/20/11 (1.2.4) - add class definition to hide new footer ads.