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Kukkaisvoima is a lightweight weblog system licensed under GNU Affero General
Public License. Kukkaisvoima is made with Python programming language. It
stores all blog entries as plain text files so you can easily write and edit
those with your favorite editor. Motivation for Kukkaisvoima was to do simple
everything in one package weblog with Python.
• Multiple categories for one entry
• No external dependencies outside Pythons standard library (no need for
database engine etc.)
• Comments
• Nice archive pages for old entries
• Search
• RSS feed for all entries and for every category
You can see Kukkaisvoima in action here ( (entries
are mainly in finnish), there is also Kukkaisvoima category
( which contains Kukkaisvoima news in
Kukkaisvoima comes with minimal documentation so some knowledge of Unix like
operating system is needed to get started with Kukkaisvoima.
Where to get it?
You can get the latest version of Kukkaisvoima here:
Install instructions
After downloading the latest version of Kukkaisvoima. Move the package to your
webdirectory and do the following steps:
tar xvfz kukkaisvoima-(versionnumber).tar.gz
cd kukkaisvoima-(versionnumber)
chmod +x index.cgi
mkdir temp
You may need to modify the index.cgi script suffix (change .cgi to .py) or use
different permissions for the index.cgi script or for the temp directory. Temp
directory should be writable by the script. For more information and help
consult your webserver manual or local Python/Unix guru.
Configuring and using
Edit the Config variables found in After configuring
you can write blog entries as html formatted text files in directory specified
in config file. Kukkaisvoima will generate the blog from these entries. Every
entry must be in the format of
For example:
As seen in the example entry can have multiple categories separeted with comma.
Different versions
There is also C version of Kukkaisvoima called suvi 67 available. For
more information see this blog entry
or the source code (
Contact the author
You can contact the author by sending email to kukkaisvoima at this domain
Last modified: Mon Aug 11 17:57:09 EEST 2008