Removes the 300ms click delay from iOS webviews
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jQuery iOS no-click-delay

This jQuery plugin removes the click delay from iOS webviews. Normally iOS defers the click event until 300ms has elapsed, to allow the user to trigger a zoom event with a double-tap. On views that don't support zooming, this causes a much longer delay than is necessary.

This is a drop-in solution: the code dispatches native click events to the elements in question, allowing onclick handlers to work 'as expected'.


Just include the script and decorate your no-click-delay elements with a "button" class. That's it:

<script src="jquery.noclickdelay.js"></script>

<a onclick="blah()" href="javascript:;" class="button">Click me!</a>


The script disables the default webkit highlight on elements that are tapped, as this highlight suffers from the 300ms delay. Instead, the script adds a "pressed" class to elements that the user taps. You can use this to offer your own active state UI.