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If you're familiar with [node.js]( then you're familiar with the provided REPL. You can embed a REPL in your programs and make it available via tcp or unix sockets so that you can connect to a long running node.js program and play around with it on a command line. Webrepl takes the same idea but makes the repl available via an interactive web page so that you can have all the fun of using a repl right in your web browser. Webrepl also makes the properties in your context accessible via restful http calls.
+[See a Screenshot](
Requires: Node v0.4.0 or higher, but may work on older versions. I haven't tested this yet.
@@ -42,5 +44,3 @@ You can also access context variables via HTTP, for example:
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
-[See a Screenshot](

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