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Copyright (c) 2007-2015 Martin Matuska


This is a set of scripts that generates a bootable image, ISO file or boot files only, that create a working minimal installation of FreeBSD. This minimal installation gets completely loaded into memory.

The image may be written directly using dd(1) onto any bootable block device, e.g. a hard disk or a USB stick e.g. /dev/da0, or a bootable slice only, e.g. /dev/ada0s1

Build-time requirements

  • FreeBSD 8 or higher installed, tested on i386 or amd64
  • Base and kernel from a FreeBSD 8 or higher distribution (release or snapshots, e.g mounted CDROM disc1 or ISO file)

Runtime requirements

  • a minimum of 512MB system memory

Other information

See BUILD and INSTALL files for building and installation instructions.

Project homepage:

This project is based on the ideas of the depenguinator project:

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