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<!doctype html>
<html xmlns:ng="">
<title>Math Notebook</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="" ng:autobind></script>
<script src="jquery.tooltip.js"></script>
<script src="app.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
initialExpressions = [
'a = 3/4*PI',
'sina = sin(a)',
'cosa = cos(a)',
'one = sina*sina + cosa*cosa'
constants = [{
"url": "jsref_e.asp",
"name": "E",
"desc": "Returns Euler's number (approx. 2.718)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_ln2.asp",
"name": "LN2",
"desc": "Returns the natural logarithm of 2 (approx. 0.693)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_ln10.asp",
"name": "LN10",
"desc": "Returns the natural logarithm of 10 (approx. 2.302)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_log2e.asp",
"name": "LOG2E",
"desc": "Returns the base-2 logarithm of E (approx. 1.442)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_log10e.asp",
"name": "LOG10E",
"desc": "Returns the base-10 logarithm of E (approx. 0.434)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_pi.asp",
"name": "PI",
"desc": "Returns PI (approx. 3.14)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_sqrt1_2.asp",
"name": "SQRT1_2",
"desc": "Returns the square root of 1/2 (approx. 0.707)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_sqrt2.asp",
"name": "SQRT2",
"desc": "Returns the square root of 2 (approx. 1.414)"
functions = [{
"url": "jsref_abs.asp",
"name": "abs(x)",
"desc": "Returns the absolute value of x"
}, {
"url": "jsref_acos.asp",
"name": "acos(x)",
"desc": "Returns the arccosine of x, in radians"
}, {
"url": "jsref_asin.asp",
"name": "asin(x)",
"desc": "Returns the arcsine of x, in radians"
}, {
"url": "jsref_atan.asp",
"name": "atan(x)",
"desc": "Returns the arctangent of x as a numeric value between -PI/2 and PI/2 radians"
}, {
"url": "jsref_atan2.asp",
"name": "atan2(y,x)",
"desc": "Returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments"
}, {
"url": "jsref_ceil.asp",
"name": "ceil(x)",
"desc": "Returns x, rounded upwards to the nearest integer"
}, {
"url": "jsref_cos.asp",
"name": "cos(x)",
"desc": "Returns the cosine of x (x is in radians)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_exp.asp",
"name": "exp(x)",
"desc": "Returns the value of E<sup>x</sup>"
}, {
"url": "jsref_floor.asp",
"name": "floor(x)",
"desc": "Returns x, rounded downwards to the nearest integer"
}, {
"url": "jsref_log.asp",
"name": "log(x)",
"desc": "Returns the natural logarithm (base E) of x"
}, {
"url": "jsref_max.asp",
"name": "max(x,y,z,...,n)",
"desc": "Returns the number with the highest value"
}, {
"url": "jsref_min.asp",
"name": "min(x,y,z,...,n)",
"desc": "Returns the number with the lowest value"
}, {
"url": "jsref_pow.asp",
"name": "pow(x,y)",
"desc": "Returns the value of x to the power of y"
}, {
"url": "jsref_random.asp",
"name": "random()",
"desc": "Returns a random number between 0 and 1"
}, {
"url": "jsref_round.asp",
"name": "round(x)",
"desc": "Rounds x to the nearest integer"
}, {
"url": "jsref_sin.asp",
"name": "sin(x)",
"desc": "Returns the sine of x (x is in radians)"
}, {
"url": "jsref_sqrt.asp",
"name": "sqrt(x)",
"desc": "Returns the square root of x"
}, {
"url": "jsref_tan.asp",
"name": "tan(x)",
"desc": "Returns the tangent of an angle"
<div id="page">
<div id="help" ng:controller="Help">
<div ng:repeat="const in constants">
<div><a ng:href="{{urlBase}}{{const.url}}" rel="tooltip" title="{{const.desc}}">{{}}</a></div>
<div ng:repeat="func in functions">
<div><a ng:href="{{urlBase}}{{func.url}}" rel="tooltip" title="{{func.desc}}">{{}}</a></div>
<h1>Math Notebook <br/><span>(JavaScript expressions evaluator)</span></h1>
<div id="exp-list" ng:controller="ExpList">
<li ng:repeat="exp in expressions"><input name="exp.expression"> => <span ng:bind="exp.result" /></li>
<li class="placeholder"><input name="placeholder" ng:enterkeydown="addExpression()"/></li>
<button ng:click="clear()" class="clear">clear</button>
<footer>source: <a href=""></a></footer>