Android-based multitouch interface for Rigol oscilloscopes
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A Hybrid Multitouch Oscilloscope Interface

Source code for Master's thesis at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, (c) 2016 by Matthew Heinz

TouchScope is an Android app that adds your tablet as a secondary multitouch-enabled screen for your oscilloscope.

Currently, TouchScope has only been successfully tested with a Rigol DS1102 scope, although most other Rigol scopes should work, too. After building and installing the app with Android Studio, connect your scope to your tablet with a USB-OTG adaptor and enjoy your new intuitive touch-based interface :-)

Bug reports, pull requests etc. very welcome.

Demonstration video:

Alt text

Academic paper with user study, background info etc. will be published at ICMI 2017 in mid-November.