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This repo holds the script whose purpose is to take an existing openvpn server configuration and enable ipv6.

My ISP gives me a ipv6 address, which is great but basic openvpn will not tunnel ipv6 traffic. It'll go to the target site directly. This is true for,,... lots (most?) of the sites out there

The script will hopefully become obsolete because it's a follow on to another script.

If you do the following on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 install:

apt install -y openvpn easy-rsa emacs24 traceroute
wget -O
bash ./

And answer the questions, you'll have a working openvpn for ipv4.

If you then run from this repo, you'll hopefully have ipv6 traffic routed as well. Note that you need all of the files in the repo for it to work.

after running the script, be sure to do

service openvpn restart

also restart your existing vpn connections.