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HTML documentation for Clojure libraries.
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clj-doc: Clojure HTML documentation generator

clj-doc generates HTML documentation for Clojure source code. The generated docs are searchable via JavaScript and include inline source snippets for the code that defined each var.

Example Docs

You can see example docs generated from recent recent Clojure and Clojure Contrib sources by opening example/index.html in your browser.


To generate your own docs, you will need the following dependencies:

You will also need clj-doc.jar, which you can produce by invoking ant.

Basic Usage

You can use the built-in clojure_gen.clj script to generate HTML docs for Clojure and the main libraries in Clojure-Contrib:

clj clj-doc/bin/clojure_gen.clj /path/to/output
open /path/to/output/index.html

To generate docs for a different set of libs, create your own script based on clojure_gen.clj. Note that any libs that you are documenting will need to be in your classpath, in addition to the dependencies of clj-doc itself.

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