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@@ -1,39 +0,0 @@
-== Release
-Try controller 1 more time
-Check Weld dependencies
-Feasability of Compojure shim, java interop story in general, read about glass
- include in readme
-write list announce
- example apps pending
- community
- focus on ring, with as teaser
-post announce
-tweet announce
-Check out templating, especially for tests
-simplest dependency manager that could possibly work:
- no runtime component
- no searching for config files
- central data source
- each jar lists the jars on which it directly depends
- then apply search to get all needed jars
- could even write the file as a clojure data structure
- some libs will only conditionally depend on jars - just make a call 1 way
-purple for dots and messages in clj-unit
-cling -> wiki w/ ring, weld, jgit "a Clojure Wiki Thing"
-== Ring
-Try compiling carefully, making build file
-Tracing middleware
-Http caching middleware
-== Weld
-Set up upload test helper so that it emulates the GC situation
-securitze session, benchmark marshal and unmarshal
- tease apart with-filters
- seperate app-specific from general code in scripts/
- better cli for scripts
-better logging implementation
@@ -6,5 +6,4 @@ def print_todo(dir, path)
-print_todo("clj-garden", "TODO")
Dir["*"].each { |dir| print_todo(dir, File.join(dir, "TODO")) }

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