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Turns out I was generating some fairly large json strings and I wanted to be able to use other writers besides a StringWriter. This is the smallest change one can possibly make to support that while eliminating unnecessary duplication.


I modernized your typehint (OCD), wasn't sure whether to re-write your commit, or add another. I re-wrote it, sorry if that's dick. You'll have to update your tracking branch.

Released to clojars.

Oh, it's fine. I don't mind either way. Thanks for the fast turnaround time.

You can always ask me to redo the commit as well. For some reason I always reflexively use the old typehints when I am working fast. My apologies for that.


np, Now hook me up with a banksimple invite :)

I do not work there anymore; haven't for a year. This is part of ongoing efforts at CrowdFlower. Sorry!


ah cool, take care dude!

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