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(ns clj-stacktrace.repl
(:use clj-stacktrace.core)
(:require [clj-stacktrace.utils :as utils]))
(def color-codes
{:red "\033[31m"
:green "\033[32m"
:yellow "\033[33m"
:blue "\033[34m"
:magenta "\033[35m"
:cyan "\033[36m"
:default "\033[39m"})
(defn- colored
[color? color text]
(if color?
(str (color-codes color) text (color-codes :default))
(defn elem-color
"Returns a symbol identifying the color appropriate for the given trace elem.
:green All Java elems
:yellow Any fn in the user or repl* namespaces (i.e. entered at REPL)
:blue Any fn in clojure.* (e.g. clojure.core, clojure.contrib.*)
:magenta Anything else - i.e. Clojure libraries and app code."
(if (:java elem)
(if (re-find #"^clojure\." (:class elem))
(cond (nil? (:ns elem)) :yellow
(re-find #"^(user|repl)" (:ns elem)) :yellow
(re-find #"^clojure\." (:ns elem)) :magenta
:user-code :green)))
(defn source-str [parsed]
(if (and (:file parsed) (:line parsed))
(str (:file parsed) ":" (:line parsed))
"(Unknown Source)"))
(defn clojure-method-str [parsed]
(str (:ns parsed) "/" (:fn parsed) (if (:anon-fn parsed) "[fn]")))
(defn java-method-str [parsed]
(str (:class parsed) "." (:method parsed)))
(defn method-str [parsed]
(if (:java parsed) (java-method-str parsed) (clojure-method-str parsed)))
(defn pst-class-on [^ on color? ^Class class]
(.append on ^String (colored color? :red (str (.getName class) ": ")))
(.flush on))
(defn pst-message-on [^ on color? message]
(.append on ^String (colored color? :red message))
(.append on "\n")
(.flush on))
(defn pst-elem-str
[color? parsed-elem print-width]
(colored color? (elem-color parsed-elem)
(str (utils/rjust print-width (source-str parsed-elem))
" " (method-str parsed-elem))))
(defn pst-elems-on
[^ on color? parsed-elems & [source-width]]
(let [print-width (+ 6 (or source-width
(map #(.length ^String %)
(map source-str parsed-elems))))))]
(doseq [parsed-elem parsed-elems]
(.append on ^String (pst-elem-str color? parsed-elem print-width))
(.append on "\n")
(.flush on))))
(defn pst-caused-by-on
[^ on color?]
(.append on ^String (colored color? :red "Caused by: "))
(.flush on))
(defn- pst-cause-on
[^ on color? exec source-width]
(pst-caused-by-on on color?)
(pst-class-on on color? (:class exec))
(pst-message-on on color? (:message exec))
(pst-elems-on on color? (:trimmed-elems exec) source-width)
(if-let [cause (:cause exec)]
(pst-cause-on on color? cause source-width)))
(defn find-source-width
"Returns the width of the longest source-string among all trace elems of the
excp and its causes."
(let [this-source-width (->> (:trace-elems excp)
(map (comp count source-str))
(if-let [cause (:cause excp)]
(max this-source-width (find-source-width cause))
(defn pst-on [on color? e]
"Prints to the given Writer on a pretty stack trace for the given exception e,
ANSI colored if color? is true."
(let [exec (parse-exception e)
source-width (find-source-width exec)]
(pst-class-on on color? (:class exec))
(pst-message-on on color? (:message exec))
(pst-elems-on on color? (:trace-elems exec) source-width)
(if-let [cause (:cause exec)]
(pst-cause-on on color? cause source-width))))
(defn pst
"Print to *out* a pretty stack trace for an exception, by default *e."
[& [e]]
(pst-on *out* false (or e *e)))
(defn pst-str
"Like pst, but returns a string instead of printing that string to *out*"
[& [e]]
(let [sw (]
(pst-on sw false (or e *e))
(str sw)))
(defn pst+
"Like pst, but with ANSI terminal color coding."
[& [e]]
(pst-on *out* true (or e *e)))
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