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fix typos in lein 2.x instructions
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@@ -50,15 +50,15 @@ The library also offers an API for programatically 'parsing' exceptions. This AP
If you use Leiningen, you can install clj-stacktrace on a per-user basis.
-For Leiningen 2.x, add the following to `~/.lein/profiles`:
+For Leiningen 2.x, add the following to `~/.lein/profiles.clj`:
{:user {:dependencies {clj-stacktrace "0.2.4"}
:injections [(let [orig (ns-resolve (doto 'clojure.stacktrace require)
new (ns-resolve (doto 'clj-stacktrace.repl require)
- (alter-var-root orig (constantly @new)))]
+ (alter-var-root orig (constantly @new)))]}}
For Leiningen 1.x:

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