Doesn't seem to be installing from instructions in README #29

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I have followed the instructions in the readme and added the required fields to my profile.clj. It looks like this:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-vanity "0.1.0"]
                  [lein-marginalia "0.7.1"]
                  [lein-difftest "2.0.0"]
                  [lein-try "0.3.2"]
                  [lein-ancient "0.4.4"] 
                  [org.clojure/tools.namespace "0.2.3"]]}
 :dependencies [[clj-stacktrace "0.2.7"]]
 :injections [(let [orig (ns-resolve (doto 'clojure.stacktrace require)
                    new (ns-resolve (doto 'clj-stacktrace.repl require)
                (alter-var-root orig (constantly (deref new))))]}

When I run a REPL I can't see any differences in the stack trace and trying to use clj-stacktrace results in an error.

contrail.core=> (use 'clj-stacktrace.repl)

FileNotFoundException Could not locate clj_stacktrace/repl__init.class or clj_stacktrace/repl.clj on classpath:   clojure.lang.RT.load (

Is there something obvious that I'm missing here?

You can call

(clj-stacktrace.repl/pst (NullPointerException "NO"))


The problem is that these instructions does not change the way exceptions are printed. Something must've been changed in the leiningen itself.

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