Clojure unit testing library: non-magical and developer friendly
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clj-unit is a simple unit testing library for Clojure. The goal of clj-unit is to provide a non-magical, developer-friendly unit testing API along with a wide variety of assertion helpers.


  • Extremely small core implementation with a simple interface.
  • Pluggable reporters, with a built-in console reporter that uses clj-stacktrace to provide trimmed, cleaned, and colorized backtraces on unit test errors.
  • Stateless facade for reporters, eliminating the need for them to maintain their own global state.
  • Many built in assertions.
  • New assertions can be implemented as stand-alone functions; they don't need to be methods or macros.

Available Assertions

  • assert=
  • assert-not=
  • assert-in-delta
  • assert-that
  • assert-not
  • assert-nil
  • assert-fn
  • assert-not-fn
  • assert-instance
  • assert-isa
  • assert-match
  • assert-throws
  • flunk (always fails)
  • success, failure, assert-truth (for defining custom assertions)


(ns myapp.utils-test
  (:use clj-unit.core))

(deftest "re-match?"
  (assert-that (re-match? #"o"   "foo"))
  (assert-not  (re-match? #"bar" "foo")))

(deftest "url-escape, url-unescape: round-trip as expected"
  (let [given "foo123!@#$%^(){}[]?/"]
    (assert= given (url-unescape (url-escape given)))))

(deftest "check-keys: throws on unrecognized keys"
  (assert-throws #"unrecognized keys"
    (check-keys {:foo "bar" :fiz "bat"} [:foo :bar])))

(run-tests 'myapp.utils-test)


Copyright 2009-2010 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.