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This project evaluates the performance of a variety of open-source databases. Each databases is benchmarked executing a set of common operations with varying levels of concurrency. The benchmarks are designed to be simple, representative of production code, statistically useful, and fully reproducible.


Very much a work in progress.

Databases implemented:

  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • FleetDB embedded
  • FleetDB server
  • H2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ping server
  • Concurrent hash map
  • Null store

Operations implemented:

  • Ping
  • Insert records one-by-one
  • Insert records in bulk
  • Get record by id, sequentially and randomly
  • Get multiple records by ids, sequentially and randomly
  • Find record by indexed value
  • Find multiple records by indexed value
  • Find multiple records by indexed and unindexed values
  • Update records one-by-one
  • Update records in bulk
  • Read/write mixed

Databases todo:

  • Berkeley DB Java Edition
  • CouchDB
  • Tokyo Tyrant

Other todo:

  • Linter
  • Programatic reporting
  • Request-level statistics
  • Fully automated execution on cloud servers


Copyright 2010 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.