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Clojure client for FleetDB
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A Clojure client library for FleetDB.


First, download and start FleetDB as described in the FleetDB getting started guide.

If you want to incorporate this client into a project managed by Maven or Leiningen, you can find the necessary Maven artifact information on the client's Clojars project page.


Using the library is simple:

(use 'fleetdb.client)
(def client (connect))

(query client ["ping"])
=> "pong"

(query client ["select" "accounts" {"where" ["=" "id" 2]}])
=> [{"id" 2 "owner" "Alice" "credits" 150}]

Keywords can be used in queries, as they are converted to strings before being sent to the server:

(query client [:select :accounts {:where [:= :id 2]}])
=> [{"id" 2 "owner" "Alice" "credits" 150}]

The client can also be used as a function that executes the given query:

(client [:ping])

The client will raise an exception in the case of an error:

(client ["bogus"])
java.lang.Exception: Malformed query: unrecognized query type '"bogus"'

You can optionally specify a host and port other than the default "" and 3400:

(def client (connect {:host "" :port 3401}))


Copyright 2009 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.

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