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(ns fleetdb.client
(:require [clj-json.core :as json])
(:import ( Socket URI))
(:import ( OutputStreamWriter BufferedWriter
InputStreamReader BufferedReader
(:import (clojure.lang IFn ILookup)))
(defn- doquery [#^BufferedWriter writer #^BufferedReader reader q]
(let [#^String req (json/generate-string q)]
(if-let [resp (do (.write writer req)
(.write writer "\r\n")
(.flush writer)
(.readLine reader))]
(let [[status result] (json/parse-string resp)]
(if (zero? status)
(throw (Exception. #^String result))))
(throw (Exception. "No response from server.")))))
(defn query [client q]
(doquery (:writer client) (:reader client) q))
(defn close [client]
(.close #^BufferedReader (:reader client))
(.close #^BufferedWriter (:writer client))
(.close #^Socket (:socket client)))
(defn- apply-url [url options]
(let [url-parsed (URI. url)]
(-> options
(dissoc :url)
(assoc :host (.getHost url-parsed))
(assoc :port (.getPort url-parsed))
(assoc :password (if-let [ui (.getUserInfo url-parsed)]
(second (re-find #":(.+)" ui)))))))
(defn connect [& [options]]
(if-let [url (:url options)]
(connect (apply-url url options))
(let [host (get options :host "")
port (get options :port 3400)
timeout (get options :timeout)
password (get options :password)
socket (Socket. #^String host #^Integer port)
writer (BufferedWriter. (OutputStreamWriter. (.getOutputStream socket)))
reader (BufferedReader. (InputStreamReader. (.getInputStream socket)))
attrs {:writer writer :reader reader :socket socket
:host host :port port :password password :timeout timeout}]
(when timeout
(.setSoTimeout socket (int (* timeout 1000))))
(when password
(doquery writer reader ["auth" password]))
(proxy [IFn ILookup Closeable] []
(invoke [q] (doquery writer reader q))
(valAt [k] (attrs k))
(close [] (close attrs))))))
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