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Persistence for Doozer
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Persistence for Doozer.


Gorg provides persistence for Doozer, the in-memory distributed data store. Gorg can write snapshots of a Doozer cluster to a file, stream Doozer cluster state to an append-only file, and restore a Doozer cluster from such files.

Gorg may be useful for Doozer cluster backup and restore, for cluster transfer, and for facilitating full cluster restarts.


Capture a snapshot of a Doozer process, kill the process, restore from the snapshot into a new process, and query the new process to verify a successful restore:

$ doozerd
$ echo "save me" | doozer add /data
$ bin/gorg dump > doozer.dat
$ killall doozerd
$ doozerd
$ bin/gorg load < doozer.dat
$ doozer get /data

Stream state from a Doozer process into an append-only file:

$ doozerd
$ echo "first" | doozer add /one
$ bin/gorg sink > doozer.dat
$ tail -f doozer.dat
$ echo "second" | doozer add /two
$ echo "third" | doozer add /three


$ git clone git://
$ cd gorg
$ bundle install


  • Saves but does not not load data under the /ctl prefix, which is used internally by Doozer.
  • Saves but does not load revs.
  • Saves dels in sink and applies on load.
  • Gorg works against doozerd 0.5.
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