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(ns ring.middleware.multipart-params
"Parse multipart upload into params."
(:use [ring.middleware.params :only (assoc-param)])
(:import [org.apache.commons.fileupload.util Streams]
(defn- multipart-form?
"Does a request have a multipart form?"
(if-let [^String content-type (:content-type request)]
(.startsWith content-type "multipart/form-data")))
(defn- request-context
"Create a RequestContext object from a request map."
{:tag RequestContext}
[request encoding]
(reify RequestContext
(getContentType [this] (:content-type request))
(getContentLength [this] (:content-length request))
(getCharacterEncoding [this] encoding)
(getInputStream [this] (:body request))))
(defn- file-item-iterator-seq
"Create a lazy seq from a FileItemIterator instance."
[^FileItemIterator it]
(if (.hasNext it)
(cons (.next it) (file-item-iterator-seq it)))))
(defn- file-item-seq
"Create a seq of FileItem instances from a request context."
(.getItemIterator (FileUpload.) context)))
(defn- parse-file-item
"Parse a FileItemStream into a parameter value. If the request is a file the
supplied store function is used to save it."
[^FileItemStream item store]
(if (.isFormField item)
(Streams/asString (.openStream item))
(store {:filename (.getName item)
:content-type (.getContentType item)
:stream (.openStream item)})))
(defn- parse-multipart-params
"Parse a map of multipart parameters from the request."
[request encoding store]
(into {}
(for [item (file-item-seq (request-context request encoding))]
[(.getFieldName item)
(parse-file-item item store)])))
(defn- load-var
"Returns the var named by the supplied symbol, or nil if not found. Attempts
to load the var namespace on the fly if not already loaded."
(require (symbol (namespace sym)))
(find-var sym))
(defn default-store
"Loads and returns a temporary file store."
(let [store 'ring.middleware.multipart-params.temp-file/temp-file-store
func (load-var store)]
(defn wrap-multipart-params
"Middleware to parse multipart parameters from a request. Adds the
following keys to the request map:
:multipart-params - a map of multipart parameters
:params - a merged map of all types of parameter
This middleware takes an optional configuration map. Recognized keys are:
:encoding - character encoding to use for multipart parsing. If not
specified, uses the request character encoding, or \"UTF-8\"
if no request character encoding is set.
:store - a function that stores a file upload. The function should
expect a map with :filename, content-type and :stream keys,
and its return value will be used as the value for the
parameter in the multipart parameter map. The default storage
function is the temp-file-store."
[handler & [opts]]
(fn [request]
(let [encoding (or (:encoding opts)
(:character-encoding request)
store (or (:store opts)
params (if (multipart-form? request)
(parse-multipart-params request encoding store)
request (merge-with merge request
{:multipart-params params}
{:params params})]
(handler request))))
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