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(ns ring.middleware.cookies
"Cookie manipulation."
(:require [ring.util.codec :as codec]))
(def ^{:private true
:doc "HTTP token: 1*<any CHAR except CTLs or tspecials>. See RFC2068"}
(def ^{:private true
:doc "HTTP quoted-string: <\"> *<any TEXT except \"> <\">. See RFC2068."}
(def ^{:private true
:doc "HTTP value: token | quoted-string. See RFC2109"}
(str re-token "|" re-quoted))
(def ^{:private true
:doc "HTTP cookie-value: NAME \"=\" VALUE"}
(re-pattern (str "\\s*(" re-token ")=(" re-value ")\\s*[;,]?")))
(def ^{:private true
:doc "Special attributes defined by RFC2109 and RFC2965 that apply to the
Cookie header."}
{"$Path" :path, "$Domain" :domain, "$Port" :port})
(def ^{:private true
:doc "Attributes defined by RFC2109 and RFC2965 that apply to the
Set-Cookie header."}
{:comment "Comment", :comment-url "CommentURL", :discard "Discard",
:domain "Domain", :max-age "Max-Age", :path "Path", :port "Port",
:secure "Secure", :version "Version", :expires "Expires", :http-only "HttpOnly"})
(defn- parse-cookie-header
"Turn a HTTP Cookie header into a list of name/value pairs."
(for [[_ name value] (re-seq re-cookie header)]
[name value]))
(defn- normalize-quoted-strs
"Turn quoted strings into normal Clojure strings using read-string."
(remove nil?
(for [[name value] cookies]
(if-let [value (codec/url-decode value)]
(if (.startsWith ^String value "\"")
[name (read-string value)]
[name value])))))
(defn- get-cookie
"Get a single cookie from a sequence of cookie-values"
[[[name value] & cookie-values]]
{name (reduce
(fn [m [k v]] (assoc m (cookie-attrs k) v))
{:value value}
(take-while (comp cookie-attrs first) cookie-values))})
(defn- to-cookie-map
"Turn a sequence of cookie-values into a cookie map."
(loop [values values, cookie-map {}]
(if (seq values)
(let [cookie (get-cookie values)]
(drop (-> cookie first val count) values)
(merge cookie-map cookie)))
(defn- parse-cookies
"Parse the cookies from a request map."
(if-let [cookie (get-in request [:headers "cookie"])]
(-> cookie
(dissoc "$Version"))
(defn- write-value
"Write the main cookie value."
[key value]
(str (name key) "=" (codec/url-encode value)))
(defn- valid-attr?
"Is the attribute valid?"
[[key value]]
(and (contains? set-cookie-attrs key)
(not (.contains (str value) ";"))))
(defn- write-attr-map
"Write a map of cookie attributes to a string."
{:pre [(every? valid-attr? attrs)]}
(for [[key value] attrs]
(let [attr-name (name (set-cookie-attrs key))]
(true? value) (str ";" attr-name)
(false? value) ""
:else (str ";" attr-name "=" value)))))
(defn- write-cookies
"Turn a map of cookies into a seq of strings for a Set-Cookie header."
(for [[key value] cookies]
(if (map? value)
(apply str (write-value key (:value value))
(write-attr-map (dissoc value :value)))
(write-value key value))))
(defn- set-cookies
"Add a Set-Cookie header to a response if there is a :cookies key."
(if-let [cookies (:cookies response)]
(update-in response
[:headers "Set-Cookie"]
(doall (write-cookies cookies)))
(defn wrap-cookies
"Parses the cookies in the request map, then assocs the resulting map
to the :cookies key on the request.
Each cookie is represented as a map, with its value being held in the
:value key. A cookie may optionally contain a :path, :domain or :port
To set cookies, add a map to the :cookies key on the response. The values
of the cookie map can either be strings, or maps containing the following
:value - the new value of the cookie
:path - the subpath the cookie is valid for
:domain - the domain the cookie is valid for
:port - the port the cookie is valid for
:max-age - the maximum age in seconds of the cookie
:expires - a date string at which the cookie will expire
:secure - set to true if the cookie is valid for HTTPS only
:http-only - set to true if the cookie is valid for HTTP only"
(fn [request]
(let [request (if (request :cookies)
(assoc request :cookies (parse-cookies request)))]
(-> (handler request)
(dissoc :cookies)))))
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