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Remove contrib dependencies from r.m.lint.

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1 parent f6b18b7 commit 418b8c6af5d48b187f9cc76e96ea56b628250faa @mmcgrana committed Oct 26, 2010
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  1. +3 −4 ring-devel/src/ring/middleware/lint.clj
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
(ns ring.middleware.lint
"Lint Ring requests and responses."
- (:use [clojure.contrib.except :only (throwf)])
(:require [clojure.set :as set])
(:import ( File InputStream)))
@@ -11,12 +10,12 @@
[val spec message]
(if-not (spec val)
- (throwf "Ring lint error: specified %s, but %s was not" message (pr-str val)))
+ (throw (Exception. (format "Ring lint error: specified %s, but %s was not" message (pr-str val)))))
(catch Exception e
(if-not (re-find #"^Ring lint error: " (.getMessage e))
- (throwf
+ (throw (Exception. (format
"Ring lint error: exception occured when checking that %s on %s: %s"
- message (pr-str val) (.getMessage e))
+ message (pr-str val) (.getMessage e))))
(throw e)))))
(defn- check-req

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