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Rename ring.util.multipart to multipart-params.

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commit 4bc461940fdc763c40b8f89e99f191b6b0a247eb 1 parent 15fc2b6
@mmcgrana authored
2 
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ To see a more sophisticated Ring app, run:
* `ring.middleware.static`: Serve static files with specified prefixes out of a public directory.
* `ring.middleware.file-info`: Augment response headers with info about File responses.
* `ring.middleware.params`: Parse query and form params.
-* `ring.middleware.multipart`: Parse multipart params.
+* `ring.middleware.multipart-params`: Parse multipart params.
* `ring.middleware.cookies`: Manage browser cookies.
* `ring.middleware.session`: Manage user sessions. Memory and cookie session stores are available by default.
* `ring.util.response`: Generate Ring responses.
2  ring-core/src/ring/middleware/multipart.clj → ring-core/src/ring/middleware/multipart_params.clj
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-(ns ring.middleware.multipart
+(ns ring.middleware.multipart-params
(:use clojure.contrib.def
[ring.middleware.params :only (assoc-param)])
(:import [org.apache.commons.fileupload
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