Middleware Patterns

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Adding keys to the request map

Keys can be added to the request map to pass additonal information to the handler and other middleware.

Here is an example that adds a :user key to the request, if there is a user ID in the session.

(defn wrap-user [handler]
  (fn [request]
    (if-let [user-id (-> request :session :user-id)]
      (let [user (get-user-by-id user-id)]
        (handler (assoc request :user user))
        (handler request))))

The get-user-by-id function will depend on how the application stores user information.

Wrapping the handler in a binding

Often it is useful to bind an object to a var for the duration of a handler.

Here is an example that wraps a handler in the clojure.contrib.sql/with-connection macro.

(defn wrap-sql-connection [handler db-spec]
  (fn [request]
    (with-connection db-spec
      (handler request))))

Conditionally executing the handler

(defn wrap-auth [handler]
  (fn [request]
    (if (authorized? request)
      (handler request)
      (-> (response "Access Denied")
          (status 403)))))