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A high-level, Beanstalkd-backed job queueing library for Clojure.


Initialize the Spine client:

(require '[spine.client :as spine])

(def sp (spine/init))

Enqueue jobs:

(spine/enqueue sp "call-later")

(spine/enqueue sp "call-later-with-arg" "arg")

Work jobs:

(defn call-later []
  (println "called!"))

(defn call-later-with-arg [arg]
  (println "called with" arg "!"))

(spine/work sp [#'call-later #'call-later-with-arg])


In this example, we'll show how to perform some background work as the result of a web request.

Our web namespace in src/web.clj looks like:

(ns web
  (:use compojure.core)
  (:use ring.adapter.jetty)
  (:require [spine.client :as client]))

(def sp (spine/init))

(defroutes app
  (POST "/upcase" [word]
    (println "upcase of" word "requested")
    (spine/enqueue sp "upcase" word)
    "upcasing asynchronously\n"))

(defn -main []
  (run-jetty app {:port 8080}))

Then our worker namespace in src/worker.clj is:

(ns worker
  (:require [spine.client :as spine]))

(def sp (spine/init))

(defn upcase [word]
  (println "the upcase of" word "is" (.toUpperCase word)))

(defn -main []
  (spine/work sp [#'upcase]))

Here is the project.clj that has the dependencies we need to run this:

(defproject spine-demo "0.0.3"
    [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0-alpha4"]
     [ring/ring-jetty-adapter "0.3.5"]
     [compojure "0.5.3"]
     [spine "0.0.3"]])

After writing these files, run lein deps to install your dependencies. Then start three processes as follows:

$ beanstalkd
$ lein run -m web
$ lein run -m worker

When everything is running, test out your app with:

$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/upcase?word=beanstalkd

The curl command should return:

upcasing asynchronously

You should see in your web logs:

spine event=init url='beanstalkd://'
upcase of word beanstalkd requested
spine event=enqueue queue='upcase'

And in your worker logs:

spine event=init url='beanstalkd://'
spine event=work queues='upcase'
spine event=dequeue queue=upcase
the upcase of beanstalkd is BEANSTALKD
spine event=complete queue=upcase elapsed=7


When initializing the client, you can specify the Beanstalkd URL:

(def sp (spine/init {:url "beanstalkd://"}))

It defaults to "beanstalkd://".

When working jobs, you can specify an error handler that will be invoked with the Exception instance

(spine/work sp [#'job]
  {:error (fn [e] (send-email (pr-str "it broke:" e)))})

See also

The companion project Twine provides a protocol-level interface to Beanstalkd that may be more appropriate for some applications.


Depend on [spine "0.0.3"] in your project.clj.


Beanstalkd-backed job queueing for Clojure



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