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A KeePass/Password Safe Client for iOS and OS X
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Mark McGuill
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KeyDerivationCipher.h KeePass-Beta Nov 13, 2018
Montserrat-Regular.otf 1.22.0 Feb 24, 2019
PinEntryResponse.h Missing files Jan 20, 2019
Podfile.lock 1.23.1 - Better error messaging on File load. Use Menlo for Password … Mar 6, 2019
SFTPProviderData.h WebDAV/SFTP - 1.19.2 Dec 26, 2018
StrongboxDatabase.m Recycle Bin Work - 1.24.2 Mar 22, 2019
WebDAVConfigurationViewController.h WebDAV/SFTP - 1.19.2 Dec 26, 2018
WebDAVConfigurationViewController.xib 1.21.3 - 1.4.3 Jan 29, 2019
WebDAVSessionConfiguration.h WebDAV/SFTP - 1.19.2 Dec 26, 2018
WebDAVStorageProvider.h WebDAV/SFTP - 1.19.2 Dec 26, 2018
diceware.wordlist.txt 1.21.3 - 1.4.3 Jan 29, 2019
eff_short_wordlist_2_0.txt 1.21.3 - 1.4.3 Jan 29, 2019


A Personal Password Manager for iOS & OSX that can be found on the Apple App Store here:

Strongbox supports the open source Password Safe (version 3) and KeePass file formats (KeePass 1 and 2, i.e. KDB, KDBX (3.1 and 4)). Strongbox uses open source encryption algoritms likes TwoFish, Argon2d, ChaCha20, Aes, Salsa20 and various other cryptographic techniques (SHA256s, HMACs, CSPRNGs) to store groups and entries, containing various secrets, mostly designed around password storage. You can also store File Attachments in KeePass format safes.

Supporting Development through Patreon

If you like the app and are feeling generous you can help by contributing financially on Patreon here:

Obviously the more support I get here the more time I can allocate to development, I rely on the community to support the work as in-app purchases are a one off payment and just about cover Apple's yearly developer program fee. If you can chip in the price of a cup of coffee every month I'd be very grateful.

Build Issues

The code is provided here for reasons of security, transparency and openness. Anyone can view the code and verify that everything is above board, the algorithms are correct and there are no backdoors or other malicious features present. You will need Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox developer accounts (with keys/secrets) before building. Familiarity with Cocoapods and other build tools is a prerequisite. Please do not file issues about build issues, I can't guarantee what is here will build in your environment. If instead of examining the code, you simply want to use the app, please download from the App Store, the free version is more than functional. Lastly, if you are attempting to bypass built-in Pro/Free limitations for your own app usage, please consider your actions, and consider supporting further development by contributing via the official application (in app purchase upgrade). It will be very much appreciated. If you need all the Pro features and cannot afford the in app purchase upgrade, just drop me a mail and I'll help you out.

Licence Notes

This software is licensed under the GNU AGPL by default. If you are interested in using the code in some other fashion, or require an alternative licence then please contact me directly:


The crypto is mostly from TomCrypt and libsodium. PasswordSafe & KeePass DB parsing/navigation/UI/Cloud interaction is my own work.

The official PasswordSafe github repository is here:

Kudos to Rony Shapiro, Bruce Schneier and all the Password Safe team for their amazing work and the original Password Safe format and applicaiton.

The official KeePass site is here:

Kudos to Dominik Reichl and all the KeePass team for their incredible technical skill, for coming up with a great format, and their seminal KeePass app.

I use many different libraries in the app here are just a few:

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