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Console app downloader for Ring videos
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Ring Videos Downloader

This simple console app (written in .NET Core) will allow you do perform a bulk download of your videos. You can download videos based in a date range and/or if they are starred


RingVideos --path, -p "<path to download>" [options]

    --start, -s         DateTime value for oldest videos to download. (ex: "2019-07-01 16:00")
    --end, -e           DateTime value for the newest videos to download(ex: "2019-70-02 4:00 PM")
    --max, --count, -c  The maximum count of videos to download
    --timezone, -tz     If you are referencing the videos in a timezone other than your local system timezone
                        Accepted values -- US Timezones: EST, CST, MST, PST or GMT/UTC
    --starred           Only download starred videos
    --username          Your Ring username. Note: You can also save this an an environment variable: RingUsername
    --password          Your Ring password. Note: You can also save this an an environment variable: RingPassword


This console app and API library was based off of: php-ring-api by Jeroen Moors and Ring by Jonathan Potts

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