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Loop Drop

MIDI looper, modular synth and sampler app built around Novation Launchpad controller.

Written in JavaScript and powered by Web Audio, Web MIDI, and electron.

Currently Unmaintained

I'm taking a (possibly permanent) break from this project. My efforts are now mostly focused on a hardware only version of this project for my own personal use.

The latest master is more recent than the releases, so I suggest that if you can, install from source! (master includes Ableton Link support and midi outputs).

I put a lot of work into this project over the years, but it was always a struggle trying to get Web Audio to work the way I wanted. That combined with trying to also make this an app for other people to use, took up way to much energy. I just want to get back to making music.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. ❤️


Create sounds and load samples

Drop them where you want on your controllers then start jamming!

Everything you play is recorded.

Hit the loop button at any time. Whatever you just played will start to loop!

Play to the beat.

Use beat repeat and hold down buttons to trigger at different rates relative to tempo.

Transform your loops while they play.

Select, move, repeat, suppress. All using your hardware controller.

...or Build and Install from source

$ git clone
$ cd loop-drop-app
$ npm install
$ npm start


If you receive an error on start up about missing lib/*, you may have to run the following as administrator:


# run admin
$ node scripts/link-lib.js


$ sudo node scripts/link-lib.js

If it still doesn't work, try copying the /lib folder into /node_modules.

Installing updates

New versions are being pushed out all the time. To update:

$ git pull
$ npm update
$ npm start

You can also install via npm

$ npm install -g loop-drop
$ loop-drop

# install update
$ npm update -g loop-drop

Module Overview




[unmaintained] MIDI looper, modular synth and sampler app built using Web Audio and Web MIDI APIs




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