Getting Started

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This is a web-based turn-based old-school strategic military army battle war game clone.

At the start of the game you have a city which produces units. The city is on an island. Explore the island using tanks and fighters. Capture other cities using tanks so that you can produce more units.

Move units around via click & drag. Different units have a certain number of moves each day. fighters and bombers also have limited fuel... give a unit more fuel by flying over one of your cities.

This game implements fog-of-war. most of the same squares are blacked-out in the beginning until you move units around to explore and reveal what each game square contains. Also, you won't know if enemy units are near by, even if you have cleared the fog-og-war, until one of your units is next to an enemy unit.

Search for other islands using destroyers, fighters, transports, etc. Use transports to carry tanks across water, and you can use carriers as a base for fighters far from home as fighters can refuel on a carrier.

The game implements keyword shorts cuts:

  • press 'S' then click on a unit to put it to sleep, later press 'W' then click on a unit to wake it. Put tanks to sleep which are waiting to be loaded onto a transport.

  • if you want to move several tank units which are on one square, press 'M' then click & drag to "stack move".

  • if you do not intend to move the currently selected unit, press 'N' to skip it.

  • press 'R' if you want the currently selected unit to move at random. The ComputerAI logic kicks in, so for example a unit will try to clear any fog-of-war cells nearby, and a fighter will return to a city before running out of fuel.)

At some point you'll meet the enemy (ComputerAI). On water you might encounter an enemy destroyer, submarine, carrier, or battleship. While on land you might encounter an enemy tank. Enemy fighers and bombers can appear over water or land. So, you might try to protect your transports with destroyers and fighters. You might user fighters to scout of the coast of your islands trying to get an early indication of an enemy invasion.

The game is a balance between growing your production capacity by acquiring more cities, defense, exploration and attack.