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Having fun with Django
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How to install - Automation in the future!

  1. CD to your site directory, example:
    cd /var/www/
  2. Activate your virtual env:
    source bin/activate
  3. Clone Selendis into your directory:
    git clone
  4. CD to dir and install additional software:
    cd selendis
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Make migrations and migrate:
    python makemigrations members
    python migrate members
    python makemigrations books
    python migrate books
    python makemigrations tags
    python migrate tags
    python makemigrations tutorials
    python migrate tutorials
    The last migration is for admin, sessions
    python migrate
  6. Collect static files (this is also needed for TinyMCE):
    python collectstatic
  7. Have fun :)

More documentation (later)

This project is developed under:
OS: Debian 9
Webserver: Nginx with uWSGI
Control Panel: ISPConfig 3
Python: 3.5.3 version
Database: SQL MariaDB
Web Frameworks: Django 2 and Bootstrap 4

Application Progression

Home - Crypto

This app shows information about all cryptocurrencies (some info will be showed on the frontpage), handles email contacts and creates custom pages.

  1. Cryptocurrencies
    1. Listing all cryptocurrencies (listed from specific exchanges)
    2. Additional information about coins/exchanges (wash trading, scam, centralization, volume, price changes and etc.)
    3. Historical Data (it will be used to draw graphs/charts and etc.)
    4. Mining profitability calculator
    5. Ability to add portfolios (so you can track when the lambo arrives)
    6. Ability to send feedback for coins/exchange so we can improve the user/member experience.
    7. Admin Interface (60% complete)
    8. Monero node statistics (possible block explorer in the future)
    9. SEO Optimization

NOTE: All crypto data is generated by selendis crawlers . The project itself is pre-alpha it only works with Binance!

  1. Contacts (function view)
    1. Contact Form
    2. Sends Email (smtp)
    3. Flood Protection
  2. Pages
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Custom Slug URL (ex:< page slug >)
    3. Add Pages form (for staff members)
    4. Rich Text Editor (using django-tinymce4-lite)
    5. Parent pages (using mptt)
    6. Edit/Delete Pages form (for staff members)
    7. SEO Optimization

Tutorial System

This application is for Tutorials (Posts), where members of the website can add their guides and share their information.

  1. Tutorials
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Add Tutorial form (for website members)
    3. Edit/Delete Tutorial form (for website members)
    4. Custom Slug URL (ex:< slug name >)
    5. Integration with tags (integration with tags app)
    6. Rich Text Editor (using django-tinymce4-lite)
    7. Comments (integration with members app and mptt)
    8. SEO Optimization
  2. Category
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Custom Slug URL (ex:< category slug >)
    3. Icons
    4. Subcategory (using mptt for storing hierarchical data, 90% done)
    5. Add Category form (for website members)
    6. Edit/Delete Post form (for website members)
    7. SEO Optimization


The role of this application is for User registration and Profile control. We're using AbstractUser Model to extend Django's authentication in combination with django-registration.

  1. Users
    1. Admin Interface (80% done)
    2. Public profile page (ex:< username slug > , 60% done)
    3. Social links/icons
    4. Change information form (need to add redirect on success form)
    5. Avatar and background image form for Member Profile (90%)
    6. Change password form
    7. Flood protection (login/registration integration with fail2ban)
    8. Pixels (the numbers of pixels determines your Rank, members get pixels from posting/commenting/giving book reviews and etc.)
  2. Groups/Permission (problems, need reading)
  3. Private Messages
  4. Ranks
  5. Rewards


Handles all book related information.

  1. Books
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Add Book form (for website members)
    3. Book image (need testing)
    4. Support 6 ebook formats (download link or upload file to server)
    5. Edit/Delete Book form (for website members)
    6. Custom Slug URL (ex:< category_slug >/< book_slug >)
    7. Integration with tags (app)
    8. Reviews (integration with members app)
    9. SEO Optimization
  2. Category
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Custom Slug URL (ex:< category slug >)
    3. Icons (could be broken)
    4. Add Category form (for website staff/special rank)
    5. Edit/Delete Categories form (for website staff/special rank)
    6. SEO Optimization
  3. Author
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Add Author form (for website staff/special rank)
    3. Edit/Delete Author form (for website staff/special rank)
    4. Custom Slug URL (ex:< author_slug >)
    5. Integration with tags (app)
    6. SEO Optimization
  4. Publisher
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Custom Slug URL (ex:< publisher_slug >)
    3. Add Publisher form (for website members)
    4. Edit/Delete Publisher form (for website members)
    5. Integration with tags (app)
    6. SEO Optimization


BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License. See LICENSE.txt

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