Python module to interface with the Hubble Space Telescope Focus Model
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Matt Mechtley - Dec 2012 -
Python interface to the HST Focus Model hosted at the Space Telescope Science
Institute (see

Because the model queries 5-minute interval temperature telemetry from 2003
onwards (much data), STScI provides it as a web service. The STScI website
provides a web form interface, but no programmatic interface, so it is
time-consuming to make many queries. This module builds HTTP POST requests
which are submitted to the STScI CGI script to generate the output data on
their server, and then retrives those output data.

Overview from the STScI website:

For a given time, this model estimates the amount of defocus at a particular
camera. The model is a function of telemetered temperatures and secular terms.
The temperature dependent part of the model is taken from Di Nino et al. 2008
while the long-term secular trend is a more recent determination given in
Niemi et al., 2010. In addition to the temperature terms and secular double
exponential, the model includes zero point offsets characterizing the focus
offsets between cameras and channels.

Required Modules:
numpy (1.4+)
scipy (0.8+)
pyfits (optional, for add_mean_focus_to_header function)

python install

Using a non-standard library location (e.g. Dropbox):
python install --prefix=~/Dropbox/Python

Example Usage:
import HSTFocusModel

# Get text table or plotted png image of focus data
txt_table = HSTFocusModel.get_model_data(2012,'01/20','12:00','14:00')

txt_table2,png_image = HSTFocusModel.get_model_data(2008,'01/20',

# Automatically calculate the mean focus value for a given image, and store it
# in the image header