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bootchart2 0.12.6:
+ bootchartd
+ better check for initrd (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
+ code cleanup (Riccardo)
+ make the list of processes we are waiting for editable
in config file by EXIT_PROC (Riccardo)
+ fix parsing of cmdline for alternative init system (Riccardo)
+ fixed calling init in initramfs (Harald)
+ exit 0 for start, if the collector is already running (Harald)
+ collector
+ try harder with taskstats (Michael)
+ plug some small leaks (Riccardo)
+ fix missing PROC_EVENTS detection (Riccardo)
+ pybootchartgui (Michael)
+ add kernel bootchart tab to interactive gui
+ report bootchart version in cli interface
+ improve rendering performance
+ GUI improvements
+ lot of cleanups
+ Makefile
+ do not python compile if NO_PYTHON_COMPILE is set (Harald)
+ systemd service files
+ added them and install (Harald, Wulf C. Krueger)
bootchart2 0.12.5:
+ administrative snafu version; pull before pushing...
bootchart2 0.12.4:
+ bootchartd
+ reduce overhead caused by pidof (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
+ collector
+ attempt to retry ptrace to avoid bogus ENOSYS (Michael)
+ add meminfo polling (Dave Martin)
+ pybootchartgui
+ handle dmesg timestamps with big delta (Riccardo)
+ avoid divide by zero when rendering I/O utilization (Riccardo)
+ add process grouping in the cumulative chart (Riccardo)
+ fix cpu time calculation in cumulative chart (Riccardo)
+ get i/o statistics for flash based devices (Riccardo)
+ prettier coloring for the cumulative graphs (Michael)
+ fix interactive CPU rendering (Michael)
+ render memory usage graph (Dave Martin)
bootchart2 0.12.3
+ collector
+ pclose after popen (Riccardo Magliocchetti (xrmx))
+ fix buffer overflow (xrmx)
+ count 'processor:' in /proc/cpuinfo for ARM (Michael)
+ get model name from that line too for ARM (xrmx)
+ store /proc/cpuinfo in the boot-chart archive (xrmx)
+ try harder to detect missing TASKSTATS (Michael)
+ sanity-check invalid domain names (Michael)
+ detect missing PROC_EVENTS more reliably (Michael)
+ README fixes (xrmx, Michael)
+ pybootchartgui
+ make num_cpu parsing robust (Michael)
bootchart2 0.12.2
+ fix pthread compile / linking bug
bootchart2 0.12.1
+ pybootchartgui
+ pylint cleanup
+ handle empty traces more elegantly
+ add '-t' / '--boot-time' argument (Matthew Bauer)
+ collector
+ now GPLv2
+ add rdinit support for very early initrd tracing
+ cleanup / re-factor code into separate modules
+ re-factor arg parsing, and parse remote process args
+ handle missing bootchartd.conf cleanly
+ move much of bootchartd from shell -> C
+ drop dmesg and uname usage
+ avoid rpm/dpkg with native version reporting
bootchart2 0.12.0 (Michael Meeks)
+ collector
+ use netlink PROC_EVENTS to generate parentage data
+ finally kills any need for 'acct' et. al.
+ also removes need to poll /proc => faster
+ cleanup code to K&R, 8 stop tabs.
+ pybootchartgui
+ consume thread parentage data
bootchart2 0.11.4 (Michael Meeks)
+ collector
+ if run inside an initrd detect when /dev is writable
and remount ourselves into that.
+ overflow buffers more elegantly in extremis
+ dump full process path and command-line args
+ calm down debugging output
+ pybootchartgui
+ can render logs in a directory again
+ has a 'show more' option to show command-lines
bootchart2 0.11.3 (Michael Meeks)
+ add $$ display to the bootchart header
+ process command-line bits
+ fix collection code, and rename stream to match
+ enable parsing, add check button to UI, and --show-all
command-line option
+ fix parsing of directories full of files.
bootchart2 0.11.2 (Michael Meeks)
+ fix initrd sanity check to use the right proc path
+ don't return a bogus error value when dumping state
+ add -c to aid manual console debugging
bootchart2 0.11.1 (Michael Meeks)
+ even simpler initrd setup
+ create a single directory: /lib/bootchart/tmpfs
bootchart2 0.11 (Michael Meeks)
+ bootchartd
+ far, far simpler, less shell, more robustness etc.
+ bootchart-collector
+ remove the -p argument - we always mount proc
+ requires /lib/bootchart (make install-chroot) to
be present (also in the initrd) [ with a kmsg
node included ]
+ add a --probe-running mode
+ ptrace re-write
+ gives -much- better early-boot-time resolution
+ unconditional chroot /lib/bootchart/chroot
+ we mount proc there ourselves
+ log extraction requires no common file-system view
bootchart2 0.10.1 (Kel Modderman)
+ collector arg -m should mount /proc
+ remove bogus vcsid code
+ split collector install in Makefile
+ remove bogus debug code
+ accept process names containing spaces
bootchart2 0.10.0
+ rendering (Anders Norgaard)
+ fix for unknown exceptions
+ interactive UI (Michael)
+ much faster rendering by manual clipping
+ horizontal scaling
+ remove annoying page-up/down bindings
+ initrd portability & fixes (Federic Crozat)
+ port to Mandriva
+ improved process waiting
+ inittab commenting fix
+ improved initrd detection / jail tagging
+ fix for un-detectable accton behaviour change
+ implement a built-in usleep to help initrd deps (Michael)
bootchart2 0.0.9
+ fix initrd bug
bootchart2 0.0.8
+ add a filename string to the window title in interactive mode
+ add a NEWS file
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