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OpenType font for functional harmonic analysis
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Riemann: an OpenType font for functional analysis

This font is a software-independent solution for inputting function symbols for harmonic analysis. It’s a proof of concept, see disclaimer below. See this thread on NOTATIO for discussion.

System requirements

You’ll need Fontforge for running the build scripts and probably also for editing Riemann_bare.sfd.

The font can be used in any software that supports OpenType features (f. e. LilyPond, LuaLaTeX, LibreOffice …).


Download or clone the repository and run make to build the font Riemann.otf. You can then install the font on your system.

Change the file Riemann_bare.sfd for glyph shapes, names, and codepoints. Change Riemann.fea for OpenType features (ligatures, glyph substitution and positioning).


This is only a proof of concept and far from perfect. Some examples:

  • make install just copies the font to the correct directory on my system. This probably won’t work on many other systems.
  • The set of glyphs, their shapes and positioning is not optimal.
  • Font metadata (author, copyright, height and depth, …) probably isn’t correct at all.
  • The font is based on Adobes Source Sans Pro, so it has to be released under SIL Open Font License using a new name (Riemann). I’m not exactly sure whether I’ve done this correctly, see Riemann might be based on a different font in the future.
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