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This bot is written for fun only and returns DNS queries from
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doc.go DNS service

discord1111resolver (1111Resolver) Discord Bots License: MIT stability-beta GoDoc Go Report Card

Discord bot written for fun that returns DNS queries from the DNS service. The structure is oriented to the Twitter 1111Resolver bot.

Cloudflare and APNIC provide a fast and reliable DNS service. It is not only (one of) the fastest DNS services, but also attaches great importance to privacy. For more information, please visit

Server integration

If you are a Discord server owner and want to integrate the 1111Resolver you can checkout the site. The site provides an invite link as well as a status panel:

Discord Bots


As said before, this bot does not have much functionality yet but feel free to suggest new features by opening an issue at the issues tab. The basic functionality can be described as follows:

@1111Resolver <A|AAAA|CNAME> <domain name>

An example of the usage would be:

@1111Resolver AAAA

Please note that this bot is not associated with Cloudflare or APNIC.

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