Inspired by a SoKaHH Meetup in September 2013 you will find the base project for performing a babystep-kata implementing TicTacToe.
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TicTacToe BabyStep Kata

This Kata was performed during a meetup of Softwerkskammer Hamburg (SoKaHH) in September 2013. One learning we got after performing this Kata was that it would have been good to have a prepared workspace to have less overhead at the start. This is what this workspace is for.

The Kata is based on a Kata Tic-Tac-Toe described at Clean Code Advisors.

BabyStep Kata Rules

The Baby-Steps Rules got introduced by Adrian Bolboaca. Here is a list of the rules/process to apply (direct copy from Adrian):

  1. Setup source control repository.
  2. Setup a timer for 2 minutes interval when you start.
  3. Write exactly one test
    1. If the timer rings and the test is red then revert and start over.
    2. If the test is green before timer rings then commit.
  4. Restart timer (no discussions in between timers)
  5. Refactor
    1. If the timer rings and the refactoring is not complete then revert and start over.
    2. If the refactoring is complete before the timer rings then commit.
  6. Restart the timer (no discussions in between timers)
  7. Go to 3.
  8. When session time is up delete the code.


It is a good experience to do this Kata as pair and to hand over the keyboard to your pair every two minutes. If you don't like that one does the development while the other always only the refactorings think of possible other solutions.

Required Git Commands

If doing the Kata with Git you might want to use these commands:

$ git commit -a -m "..."
$ get reset HEAD --hard