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This is the main entry point of the application which allows you to
interact with Google Cloud Storage (GCS) using XML API.
@note: The example displays the response for each request.
The debug level is set to 1 by default. This is to display the
request and response header for each request.
This allows you to see the actual traffic on the wire as documented at:
__author__ = ''
import logging
import os
import sys
import gflags
# Local imports.
from gcs.simple_ui import GCS_SimpleUI
from gcs.commands import GCS_Command
# Define the application's parameters the user must enter
# at the activation time.
FLAGS = gflags.FLAGS
# The gflags module makes defining command-line options easy for
# applications. Run this program with the '--help' argument to see
# all the flags that it understands.
'logging_level', 'INFO', LOG_LEVELS, 'Set the level of logging detail.')
def __init__app(debug_level):
Initializes the application.
@param degbug_level: The level to display request/response
debugging information.
@note: Instantiates the following classes:
1) GCS_SimpleUI. It creates and displays the application simple UI.
2) GCS_Command. It allows you to issue commands to interact with
the storage service.
# Instantiate GCS_SimpleUI class.
ui = GCS_SimpleUI()
# Instantiate GCS_Command class.
gcs_commands = GCS_Command(debug_level)
# Display menu, get user's input and execute Google Cloud
# Storage request based on user's selection.
def main(argv):
Main entry point for the application.
It processes the command line arguments and starts
the application.
argv = FLAGS(argv)
except gflags.FlagsError, e:
print "%s\\nUsage: %s ARGS\\n%s" % (e, argv[0], FLAGS)
# Set the logging according to the command-line flag
numeric_level = getattr(logging, FLAGS.logging_level.upper())
if not isinstance(numeric_level, int):
logging.error('Invalid log level: %s', FLAGS.logging_level)
# Set the debug level based on the user's passed argument.
if FLAGS.logging_level == 'DEBUG':
# You can assign a debug level between 1 and 4.
# To assign this level to the authenticated (HTTP) client
# you must recreate the client (and related stored information)
# by reassigning the scope (selection s1).
debug_level = 1
debug_level = 0
# Initialize the application.
if __name__ == '__main__':